Wild Things Diffuser Shake a Tail Feather

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Rich, golden sunshine bathes the resplendent, rainbow blossoms colouring the marble walkways of an enchanting palace garden. As princely peacocks strut by, the seductive aroma of deep pink roses and fresh mimosas float above a warm balsamic base. Wild Things traces a path of adventure across the globe, capturing in a collection of 'scented souvenirs', the spirit of the weird and wonderful. Paired with each scent is a vibrant artwork, creating patterns of flora and fauna tied to each theme. Vibrant and luxurious, every item in the Wild Things collection is created to make a statement in the home. Luxury Scented Candles and Diffusers are designed to provide the most exquisite home fragrance percentages and highly refined formulations for excellent fragrance delivery. With Diffuser and Candle refills customers can mix and match the Wild Things fragrances and cellectable designs when they refresh their fragrance and create their own unique pairing. The stunning limited edition vessels can be easily reused or repurposed into a beautiful hom ornament. Vessels carrying this season's designs will carry a unique edition number to highlight their collectability.

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